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Golf Course Open as of Monday 16th March!

Golf Course Update I am pleased to announce that as of Monday 16th March the golf course will be fully open once again and there will be no temporary greens and all play will be from the tee boxes as per spring/summer play. Whilst we are still recovering from the extensive rainfall throughout January, February and March there will be a trolley restriction in play meaning that only trolleys with hedgehog/winter wheels will be allowed or alternatively carrying your bag will be a option. There are 4 out of the 9 fairways which are still suffering from the recent rainfall which is why we remain closed for the weekend and once we re-open on Monday we will be asking you to take extreme care walking along the following fairways. It is also advisable that you use some areas in the rough to pass these holes where standing water will be an issue. Hole 4: - after the dog leg up to the green and also to the left of the green beside the 5th tee are very wet. Hole 6: - approach to the fairway and also 100 yards before the green. The left hand side of the green is also very wet so please be careful when passing this area. Please do use the right hand side of the green and pass this hole behind the green. Hole 7: - From the front of the tee box and up to the 150 yard marker, also the approach to the green from the bunker which crosses the hole. Hole 9: The fairway from the trees to the right of the fairway up to 60 yards from the green. Although the above paints a picture of the course not being in a good state to play I can say that some holes are very dry and have had the fairways cut so conditions are really improving. Just over half of the bunkers are full with water and should be treated as Ground Under Repair for now until they drain but the other bunkers will be raked and can be used. All the greens will be cut on Monday morning and the tee boxes have already been prepared for play as well as the approaches to most greens. Please book your tee off time as usual via BRS Golf for next week. You can follow this link to do so or book as per usual via the BRS App.

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