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Just joined Wix and here to keep you updated, the course condition has been very frustrating for members, visitors and staff alike, DLH course closure is not just closed due to the recent rainfall we are seeing across the country, if we go back as far as Oct 2019 we had 95mm of rain Nov 71mm Dec 78mm Jan 2020 37mm Feb 68mm all figures are double the average rainfall, our water table is 1.3m below ground hence why bunkers hold water that much longer.

Ditches and underground pipes are flowing nicely, our main outlet is via the 3rd pond where water goes to a culvert and once the surface water has gone ground conditions will be very soggy under foot.

In the meantime, we look forward to hopefully an extended period of drier weather and getting back to being a golf course again.

Something you might not know...

A pitchmark left unrepaired for 10 minutes or longer takes 15 days to recover whereas a pitchmark repaired within 5 minutes recovers completely within 24 hours.

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