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Quick update

Hi friends.

You all received an email from Mark yesterday giving a brief explanation of the current situation regarding our golf course.

The Captains had an online meeting with Mark to discuss what we are all worried about, and further to what was stated in the email, I would like to point out a few things.

As mentioned, DL has chosen to furlough all employees and management and this has annoyingly kept Mark's "hands tied" in regards to communication as even sending out emails via the DL database would have been a breach of the government rules. He was told that yesterday's email had to be as brief as possible and needed to be okayed by the Club's GM before sending.

I can knowingly say that Mark and Andy are absolutely gutted to see the greens in such poor condition after trying their hardest to point out early on to management that course maintenence did need to be in place but the Club made the decision not to have this happen. Although our course is also a public area, DL is responsible for the grounds and on instruction, Mark personally cable tied points of entry with signs restricting acess but as we know these must have been quickly breached not long after lockdown was implemented.

Now to the most important things on everyone's lips. The greens and tee boxes will be on a timed watering system from now on, operated by head greenkeeper Michael. Yes, we all know ideally that it would have been great to have started earlier but what's done is done, there is no point with a blame game and it's now about what can be done going forward. I believe since seeing the devastation in your videos/photos, the Club has also agreed to release money to aid in getting aspects of the course up to a decent standard for players.

When the Government gives the much anticipated go-ahead for golf courses to open, our greenkeepers will do their best job for us. We may have to be patient but we WILL play and see each other soon enough.

Although the gym may not open, the GM of DL has informed Mark that the course can be fully functional with parking in the first part of the car park and entrance via the path toward the practice green. Our Pros will be stationed in the golf office.

Communication will definitely be made when any future news is available.

We were also given confirmation that EVERY membership has been suspended (extra period given in lieu) therefore no "golf only" member will lose out while we have not been able to play. That will all get sorted "centrally" at a later date.

On behalf of Ingrid, Kristina and Jason, I hope this answers some questions and sheds a bit of light.

Cheers, Ian.

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You're right Bill and Mark has been talking to DL's management all week. We should hopefully get an update from him very soon.


Bill Todd
Bill Todd
May 14, 2020

Now that the Govt. has said that we can play golf under certain conditions, I wonder whether the GM can start the ball rolling again especially since I saw Fulwell with players teeing off on its course just now. Mark & Andy must be so frustrated


Trevor  Richecoeur
Trevor Richecoeur
Apr 29, 2020

Well done Ian, Trevor

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